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Collegewide Assessment, Placement and Developmental Issues Steering Committee (CAPDI)

CAPDI brings together those responsible for intake functions such as admissions and records, assessment centers, counseling and advising, and academic initiatives/concurrent enrollment with those who are responsible for appropriate placement of students in English, reading, math and ELAP as well as WDCE Bridge to Academic and Career Success. CAPDI funds are available to support tutoring or other direct support to ELAP and developmental students and are distributed based on credit hours.  This committee allows representatives for Academic Affairs and Student Services to collaboratively address these issues. 

Ad hoc committees and subcommittees carry out much of the work associated with CAPDI and bring their recommendations to the entire group.  In the past ad hoc committees have reviewed Pathways (now called WDCE Bridge to Academic and Career Success), the placement appeals process (now called review of placement), and the P & P procedures associated with appropriate course placement.  Updates regarding issues associated with ELAP and developmental English, mathematics and reading are provided by ongoing discipline based subcommittees whose membership includes others who are not on CAPDI.   

CAPDI and its members and associated subcommittees

  • Ensure the smooth intake of students with respect to assessment and placement. 
  • Identify assessment and placement issues for developmental (EN, RD, MA), ELAP, WDCE Bridge to Academic and Career Success, and college-level courses for regular credit students and concurrent enrollment students. 
  • Ensure that there is a process for updating information about cut-off scores and placement information and that there is a consistent presentation of this information. 
  • Monitor patterns of student success for students who 
  • place directly into college level courses. 
  • place into developmental English, math and reading. 
  • place into ELAP.
  • place into WDCE Bridge to Academic and Career Success. 
  • enroll in a concurrent enrollment program.
  • Identify and propose needed research or projects to assure that the College is meeting the intake, assessment, placement, and retention needs of students.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Information Technology to meet the technology needs for the efficient intake and placement of students.
  • Coordinate special support systems to increase student retention once students have been assessed and placed.
  • Research used to indicate when changes should be implemented.
  • Source of funds for projects to increase retention and assist students in reaching their educational goals.
  • Support for tutoring and assessment activities.
  • Keep the Senior Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs (SVPAA) and Student Services (SVPSS) abreast of the issues and data related to assessment, placement and developmental issues.
  • Provide recommendations to the SVPAA and SVPSS for needed changes in the College Procedures.
  • Provide updated information on assessment and placement to MCPS on an annual basis by February of each year for the following academic year if changes are being made.