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Pathways through Montgomery College: Developmental Education

Accessibility is a fundamental characteristic of community colleges: our doors are open to all. Some students who arrive at community colleges, however, are not prepared for college-level work, because of academic training, learning style, or linguistic background.

This is where developmental education—in other eras, called “remedial education”—fills in the gap. MC offers developmental education courses in English, reading, and mathematics. While students do not earn college credit for these courses, they are able to use financial aid for them. The drawback is that the aid dollars used for developmental ed courses count against the student’s final total. So the more classes one takes in developmental education, the fewer dollars one has left for the credit courses that count toward a degree. 
For this reason—along with other financial pressures facing community colleges—there is a movement to streamline such course work in order to help students maximize their credits and allow institutions to teach more credit-bearing courses, practices that ultimately drive student completion.