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Annual Leave

Annual leave for staff and administrators is granted to allow vacation time or for taking care of activities that can't be scheduled on non-working days. It can also be used to supplement sick leave when necessary. Employees assigned to work a 40-hour week earn annual leave as follows, based on how long you've worked at the College:

Length of Service:  Less than 3 years
Leave Earned Per Pay Period:  4.61 hours
Leave Earned Per Year:  15 days per year (120 Hours)
Length of Service:  3 years but less than 15
Leave Earned Per Pay Period:  6.15 hours
Leave Earned Per Year: 20 days per year (160 Hours)
Length of Service:  15 years or more
Leave Earned Per Pay Period: 8 hours
Leave Earned Per Year: 26 days per year (208 Hours)

Annual leave may not be used during the first 30 days of employment unless pre-arranged as a condition of employment. Annual leave must be scheduled with your supervisor at a time which will be in the best interest of the College.

Up to one year of accumulation of unused annual leave may be carried forward to the next year. All other unused annual leave will be lost. Upon termination of employment with Montgomery College, employees are paid in full for all unused annual leave up to a maximum of one year of accumulation at their current rate of accumulation. Please note that for part-time employees the amount of leave carried forward each year or for which the employee may be paid upon termination is pro-rated according to the proportion that their workweek is to a 40-hour workweek. If you have any questions, please contact us at window