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Workday Project Timeline

Talent and Performance Management

July 2021:
Goals, Feedback, Talent Review, Development Plans, Performance Improvement Plan/DA, Mobility

August - December 2021:
Part-Time Faculty New Hire Reviews
(ongoing between 1st and 3rd year)

Fall 2021:
Full-Time Faculty Reviews Kick Off

February/March 2022:
Administrator and Department Chair Reviews

March/April 2022:
Staff Reviews
Workday Performance and Talent Management Timeline

Talent and Performance Management Timeline

Completed Phases:


Go Live Dates:

MC Learns through Workday - December 2020
Performance - July 2021
HCM, Payroll, and Finance - January 2022


80% Implementation - March 2021
Full Deployment of the Workday system - January 2022

Workday Project Timeline. Completed Phases. Test. Deploy

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