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Enrollment Management


The EMP is organized around the following 3 goals and associated strategies and tactics to help us achieve a 12% enrollment increase.

Goal 1: Strengthen MC’s Market Position

Goal 2: Improve Outcomes from Access to Enrollment

Goal 3: Address and Improve MC’s Rates of Student Success, Retention, and Completion


The opportunity to redefine a more dynamic student experience and to reverse downward enrollment trends motivate our call to action to develop and implement an enrollment management plan (EMP) (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) . The EMP aligns the college’s academic, administrative, co-curricular, fiscal, and enrollment resources with the mission and vision to ensure the college’s long-term enrollment success and fiscal resilience. The EMP also aligns with and is responsive to the college’s transformational aspirations, strategic plan, and other institutional priorities. Implementing the EMP requires cross-campus and cross-functional participation and collaboration for success. It is with a sense of urgency that develop a bold enrollment goal – to achieve a 12% average increase in enrollment by the end of FY25.

Whether explicitly or implicitly, everyone’s work impacts enrollment and student success. 

Reports, Resources, and Articles


We welcome your thoughts and ideas about enrollment management. Please email  your thoughts to inform our enrollment management work.