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Policies and Procedures

Word Documents for Modifications

All policies and procedures at the College adhere to a formalized review process as outlined in 11005 Formulation and Issuance of College Policies and Proceduresnew window.  All requests for modification must be reviewed and approved by the President, and the Board of Trustees in the case of a policy.

All modification requests must include a Word version of the policy or procedure in question with with any new language highlighted in bold and any deleted language set within [brackets] or distinguished by using strikethrough font.  Please use only the documents on this webpage for all editing as they are updated frequently to coincide with documents posted on the public site.

All documents are in WORD format, unless otherwise noted. When making modifications, please use these documents as they are the most up-to-date and reflect the content currently posted on the public Policies and Procedures website.


Chapter 1 - board of trustees
Number Title
11001 Board of Trustees Bylawsnew window (MS Word)
11002 Political Activitynew window (MS Word)
11003 Labor Relationsnew window (MS Word)
11004 Governancenew window (MS Word)
11005 Formulation and Issuance of College Policies and Proceduresnew window (MS Word)


Chapter 2 - Organization
Number Title
21000 College Mission, Vision, and Core Values (MS Word)
21001 College Namenew window (MS Word)
21002 Corporate Seal of the Collegenew window (MS Word)
24002  Organization Functionsnew window (MS Word)
24101  Presidentnew window (MS Word)


Chapter 3 - Personnel
Number Title
31000 Code of Ethics and Employee Conductnew window (MS Word)
31001 Sexual Misconductnew window (MS Word)
31002 Hate/Violence Activitynew window (MS Word)  
31003 Conflict of Interestnew window (MS Word)  
Political Activitynew window (MS Word) 
31005 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Preventionnew window (MS Word) 
31006 EEO and Non-Discriminationnew window (MS Word) 
31007 Affirmative Actionnew window (MS Word) 
31009 Employee Indebtednessnew window (MS Word) 


Prevention of Bullying and Workplace Violencenew window (MS Word) 
31101 Employee Privilegesnew window (MS Word)
Employee Responsibilitiesnew window (MS Word)
Confidentiality: Employee Use, Release and Disclosure of Informationnew window (MS Word)
31104 Political Activitynew window - President; Designated College Officials (MS Word)
31105 Medical Examinations and Fitness for Dutynew window (MS Word)
31106 Consensual Relationshipsnew window (MS Word)
32100 Allocation, Recruitment, and Appointment of Regular Employees and Temporary with Benefits Employees
Employment Practicesnew window (MS Word)
32103 Allocation, Recruitment, Employment and Salary Placement and Advancement of Part-Time Facultynew window (MS Word)
32106 Employment of Individuals with Disabilitiesnew window (MS Word)
32201 Minority Faculty Internship Programnew window (MS Word)
32202  Temporary Adjunct Faculty Positionsnew window (MS Word)
32203 Academic Ranknew window (MS Word)
32204 Distinguished Visiting Professornew window (MS Word)
32205 Minimum Educational Requirements for Facultynew window (MS Word)
32206 Faculty Workload new window(MS Word)
32302 Trainee Status for Support and Associate Staff Appointmentsnew window (MS Word)
32303 Administrative Staff Internshipsnew window (MS Word)
32305 Working Hours for Staff Employees new window(MS Word)
32306 Wearing of Uniformsnew window (MS Word)
32500 Flexible Work Arrangementsnew window (MS Word)
33001 Staff Classification Systems and Position Descriptionsnew window (MS Word) 
33002 Establishment and Management of Positionsnew window (MS Word)
33004 Probationary and Regular Status for Staff Employeesnew window (MS Word) 
34001 Changes in Employee Statusnew window (MS Word)
34002 Disciplinary Action and Suspensionnew window (MS Word)
34003 Discharge of Administrative, Associate, and Support Staffnew window (MS Word)
34004 Non-Renewal of Administrative Appointmentnew window (MS Word)
34005 Resignation and Retirementnew window (MS Word)
34101 Grievance Process for Non-Bargaining Staffnew window (MS Word)
35001 Compensation Programsnew window (MS Word)
35002 Faculty/Staff Assistance Programnew window (MS Word)
35003 Leave Programnew window (MS Word)
35004 Wellness Activities Programnew window (MS Word)
36001 Performance Evaluation and Employee Developmentnew window (MS Word)
37001 Personnel Filesnew window (MS Word)
38001 Recognition Awardsnew window (MS Word)
38002 Honorary Degreesnew window (MS Word)
39001 College Ombudsnew window (MS Word)
39002 Volunteers and Internsnew window (MS Word)


Protection Against Retaliationnew window (MS Word)


Chapter 4 - Student Affairs
Number Title
41000 Student Successnew window (MS Word)
41001 Admission to Montgomery Collegenew window (MS Word)
41002 Equal Education Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policynew window (MS Word)
41003 Student Cumulative Recordsnew window (MS Word)
41004 Student Health and Safetynew window (MS Word)
41005 Presidential Scholarsnew window (MS Word)
41006 Board of Trustees Scholar Awardnew window (MS Word)
41007 Board of Trustees Apprenticeship Scholar Awardnew window (MS Word)
42001 Student Code of Conductnew window (MS Word)
42002 Campus Behavioral Intervention Teamsnew window (MS Word)
42003 Student Social Media Privacy Protectionnew window (MS Word)
43001 Student Financial Aidnew window (MS Word)
43002 Board of Trustees Student Grants and Scholarshipsnew window (MS Word)
43003 Tuition Waiver for Non-Employees of the Collegenew window (MS Word)
44002 Student Life Contractsnew window (MS Word)
45001 Tuition, Fees, and Refundsnew window (MS Word)
45002 Tuition and Fees Installment Programnew window (MS Word)
45003 Tuition and Fees Rates; State Aidnew window (MS Word)
45004 Student Indebtednessnew window (MS Word)
45005 Student Concerns About Athletic Programs and Activities


Chapter 5 - Educational Program
Number Title
51001 Philosophy, Purposes, and Program Commitmentsnew window (MS Word)
51002 Master Plan for Educational Programs and Servicesnew window (MS Word)
51003 College Out-of-County Instructionnew window (MS Word)
51004 College Out-of-County, Non-Instruction Related Activitiesnew window (MS Word)
51005 Field Tripsnew window (MS Word)
52001 Curriculum and Course Proposalsnew window (MS Word)
52002 Exploratory Coursesnew window (MS Word)
52003 Honors Programnew window (MS Word)
52004 Advisory Committees for Career Curricula Areasnew window (MS Word)
53001 Academic Regulations and Standardsnew window

(MS Word)

54001 Workforce Development and Continuing Education Programnew window (MS Word) 
58001 College Calendarnew window (MS Word)
58002 Assessment Testing and Appropriate Course Placementnew window (MS Word)
58003 Academic Freedomnew window (MS Word)
58004 Commencement Exercisesnew window (MS Word)
58005 Closing of the Collegenew window (MS Word)


Chapter 6 - Fiscal and Administrative Affairs
Number Title
61001 Fiscal Controlnew window (MS Word)
61002 Revolving Fundsnew window (MS Word)
61003 Bank Servicesnew window (MS Word)
61004 College Investment Programnew window (MS Word)
61005 Internal Auditnew window (MS Word)  
61006 Fixed Asset Managementnew window (MS Word)  
61007 Intangible Asset Managementnew window (MS Word)
Reporting Suspected Acts of Wrongdoingnew window (MS Word) 
(PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)
61009 Tax-Exempt Bond Compliancenew window (MS Word) 
62001 Auxiliary Servicesnew window (MS Word)
62003 Public Information, Communications, and Marketingnew window (MS Word)  
62004 Crowdfundingnew window (MS Word)
63001 Procurementnew window (MS Word)  
63002 Consultant Servicesnew window (MS Word)  
64001 External Auditnew window (MS Word)
64002 Professional Liabilitynew window (MS Word)  
64003 Worker's Compensationnew window (MS Word)  
65001 Reimbursement for Travel and Related Expendituresnew window (MS Word)  
66001 Acceptable Use of Information Technologynew window (MS Word)
66002 Confidential Data Management and Securitynew window (MS Word) 
66003 Identity Theft Prevention Programnew window (MS Word)
66004 Electronic Information Technology Accessibilitynew window (MS Word)
67001 Maintenance of Undesignated Reserve Fund Balancenew window (MS Word)
68001 Intellectual Property new window(MS Word)
68002 Contractsnew window (MS Word)  
68003 Gifts Acceptable to Montgomery Collegenew window (MS Word)
68004 Inspection of Public Recordsnew window (MS Word) 


Research Misconductnew window (MS Word)
68101 Use of Copyrighted Materialsnew window (MS Word)
69001 Corporate Sponsorshipsnew window (MS Word)


Chapter 7 - Facilities
Number Title
71001 Space Planning and Utilizationnew window (MS Word)  
72001 Construction Projectsnew window (MS Word)  
72002 Art in College Capital Projectsnew window (MS Word)  
73001 Leasing of Facilitiesnew window (MS Word)
74001 Naming Campuses, Facilities, Buildings, Rooms, and Institutesnew window (MS Word) 
75001 Use of Facilitiesnew window (MS Word)  
75003 Restrictions on Smoking, Tobacco, and Sale of Tobacco Productsnew window (MS Word)  
75004 Freedom of Expressionnew window (MS Word)
75005 Protection of Minorsnew window (MS Word) 
(PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)  
75006 Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Usenew window (MS Word)
76001 Vehicle Registration and Parkingnew window (MS Word)
77001 Public Safetynew window (MS Word)
77002 Prohibition of Weapons on Campusnew window (MS Word)
78001 Acquisition, Sale, and Disposal of College Real Propertynew window (MS Word)
79001 Use of College-Owned Vehiclesnew window (MS Word)