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Report Phishing at Home

Montgomery College introduced the Phishing Reporter button to provide employees a quick and easy way to report suspicious emails. The Phishing Reporter button captures the suspicious email’s meta data and submits it to IT Security, providing essential data in preventing and thwarting attacks.   

Since working remotely, many employees are accessing their email using O365 on the web and may not see, and subsequently, may not use the Phishing Reporter button. Instead, Microsoft’s Junk reporter button is being used to report malicious emails. Unfortunately, this button does not forward suspicious emails to IT Security for review. IT Security would like to remind employees how to add the Phishing Reporter button when using O365. Once added, the button will be displayed for all emails in your inbox.


Choose the Settings gear:

Choose the settings gear

At the bottom of the Settings Window, click on View all Outlook settings:

View all Outlook settings

Choose Mail, then Select Customize actions
Click on the Report Phishing icon to place a check mark in the box. This will add the Phishing Reporter icon to your email message surface:

Customize actions

To report, click on the Report Phishing icon: 

Report Phishing Icon