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Employee Vaccination and Testing Requirements

Report COVID-19 Vaccination Status or Request Exception

The information below is for Montgomery College employees. If you are a student, see the Student Vaccination Requirements

The COVID-19 vaccination requirement for employees took effect on November 8, 2021.

If you are a current employee who has not yet submitted your vaccination proof or exception request, you must do so immediately below. 

If you are a new employee who needs to submit vaccination proof or request an exception, please do so below.

All information is kept confidential and data security safeguards are in place to protect employee privacy. 

Which vaccines are accepted?

All COVID-19 vaccines authorized for regular use or emergency use by the FDA are safe and effective, and the College does not recommend one vaccine over another. The most important decision is to get a vaccine as soon as possible. Approved vaccines include:

  • Johnson and Johnson Janssen
  • Moderna
  • Pfizer BioNTech

I have only received one dose of a two-dose vaccine (i.e., Moderna or Pfizer);  should I go ahead and submit my information anyway?

Employees who are partially vaccinated have up to 30 days from November 8, 2021 (i.e., Wednesday, December 8) to complete the vaccination process. Please wait until you are fully vaccinated to submit your information. If you are scheduled for a second dose after the November 8 deadline you must: 1) notify HRSTM at regarding your status and the date you are scheduled to receive your second dose; 2) adhere to the COVID-19 testing protocols until you have been fully vaccinated for two weeks (14 days). 

What if I lost my COVID-19 vaccination card? How can I get a new card or copy of my COVID-19 vaccination card?

The College is accepting one of three forms of evidence of vaccination status (PDF or image files only): 1) a copy of a COVID-19 vaccination card; 2) a copy of written confirmation of vaccination status from a licensed medical provider; or 3) a copy of vaccination record from the health department. Use the links below to locate your immunization record.  

If I have difficulty completing the online form or uploading my vaccination card, whom do I contact for assistance?  I do not want to ask my supervisor or colleague to assist in order to keep my information confidential.

You may contact the IT Service Desk for assistance in completing the form and uploading your documentation. You may also reach out to your designated Human Resources Internal Consultant for assistance.

How will supervisors be informed if their direct reports have submitted their COVID-19 vaccination verification or are approved for an exception and must be tested?
HRSTM will notify supervisors of any employees who are not in compliance with the COVID-19 vaccination or exception requirement and will provide guidance.

What is the Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP)?  Why am I being asked to authorize CRISP to release to Montgomery College any information related to my COVID-19 test results and vaccination records?

The Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP) is a nonprofit organization that serves as the state of Maryland's designated health information exchange (HIE), by the Maryland Health Care Commission. CRISP currently serves as the HIE for Maryland and the District of Columbia, serving as a central repository of health information for those residents, which includes vaccination and testing records. The College will be conferring with CRISP to verify employee vaccination and testing data.

My reasons for not getting the COVID-19 vaccination are not medical or religious. Can I still be considered for an exception due to “personal” reasons?

No. The College is only considering exception requests based on medical or religious reasons.

If I am approved for a medical or religious exception, will I be able to continue working remotely?  

Being approved for a medical or religious exception does not automatically qualify an employee for a remote work assignment. If an employee’s medical condition prevents them from working onsite, they need to seek an accommodation through HRSTM at

What do I do if I have not received notification from HRSTM about the results of my exception request?

You must adhere to the COVID-19 testing protocol while your exception request is being processed.

My request for an exception to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement was not approved. What other recourse do I have?

You may appeal for a reconsideration through HRSTM Employee and Labor Relations. All appeals are reviewed and determined by a panel consisting of medical and HR experts.

What happens if my appeal for an exception to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement is denied?

All appeal decisions are final.  

I am approved for a COVID-19 vaccination exception and required to test weekly. Will the College provide me paid time-off to take COVID-19 tests?

Yes, employees with approved exceptions that are required to work onsite will be provided up to 2 hours to complete their testing each week. The way that this time is reported will differ, depending on the employee type.

  • For full-time faculty: Arrange schedule adjustment with department chair/dean for time to test during work hours that do not conflict with instructional or counseling obligations and commitments.
  • For part-time faculty (credit and non-credit): Test during times that do not conflict with instructional or counseling obligations and commitments. Part-time faculty will be compensated for testing time for up to two hours a week via submission of the COVID-19 Testing form. 
  • For administrators/staff/casual temporary staff/student workers: Report up to 2 hours of “administrative leave” on timesheet for time spent testing during normal work hours. Overtime for non-exempt employees may not be used for testing.

If I am unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons and I am unable to be tested using the nasal swab what are my options?

If you need an alternative to the PCR test you must submit medical documentation supporting your request to

Will COVID-19 vaccination boosters be required for employees?

It is encouraged to get the booster vaccination as soon as possible. You are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination booster five months after the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, and two months after the first dose of Johnson & Johnson.  

If I have received by COVID-19 booster, how do I submit my verification?

You can submit documentation of your COVID-19 Booster via Workday. 

Testing Requirements for Employees with Approved Exceptions

Employees with an approved medical or religious exception (and those awaiting a decision on their exception request) are required to test weekly for COVID-19 and submit the results to the College.

If you are an employee with an approved exception, submit your weekly test results herenew window

See the full Testing and Quarantine Information for testing locations, schedules, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

The only employees exempt from the weekly testing requirement are those who have received an approved COVID-19 vaccination exception and are working an approved temporary remote schedule (due to an accommodation or a fully online or SRT teaching schedule). However, these employees are required to take a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of any visit to a College location and submit their results prior to that visit. 


Beginning November 8, 2021, employees who are not fully vaccinated or have not been approved for an exception will be considered non-compliant and will not be permitted on campus or permitted to continue working (include teleworking).

View and/or download the Employee COVID-19 Vaccination, Safety, and Disciplinary Action Protocols (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) for more information. 

What happens if I do not submit my vaccination status information or request an exception for medical or religious reasons?  

All employees are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved exception for medical or religious reasons.  If you have not submitted your vaccination status or received approval for a testing exception, you will be in violation of the College’s mandate and subject to progressive discipline up to and including termination in accordance with collective bargaining agreements and the College’s policies and procedures.

Will I still need to complete and submit the Daily COVID-19 Symptom Assessment even if I am vaccinated against COVID-19 or participating in testing regularly?

Yes. You should continue to complete and submit the daily assessment until notified differently by Public Health.

What information will be shared with supervisors regarding the status of the employees in their unit?

HRSTM will notify supervisors if they have any direct reports who are not in compliance with the mandate (i.e., an employee who has not submitted proof of vaccination and has not submitted an exception request for medical or religious reasons). Additionally, supervisors will be informed of any direct reports who have been granted an exception and will be required to participate in weekly testing. This is necessary for scheduling and employee time-off (leave) for testing purposes. Details regarding an employee’s personal medical or religious information will not be shared with supervisors.

How will department chairs/program directors know which part-time faculty or WDCE instructors are in compliance with the College’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement or have an approved exception and, therefore, are eligible for a re-appointment (rehire)? 

HRSTM will notify supervisors of any employees who are not in compliance with the COVID-19 vaccination or exception requirement, and therefore, not eligible for re-hire. 

Will all new employees be required to be vaccinated before they start work?

Individuals receiving offers of employment are required to comply with all College COVID-19 requirements. Offers of employment are now contingent upon candidates providing proof of being fully vaccinated or obtaining approval of a medical or religious exception.