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Frequently Asked Questions

HRSTM and Payroll FAQs:

The next major milestone in the Workday project will go live on January 3, 2022.

Banner will no longer be used for any transactions related to human resources and financial management.
However, Banner remains the College’s student information system.

The Workday system “black-out” period will begin on November 27 and extend through January 2, with hiring and onboarding being unavailable beginning November 19.

You will be unable to use the Workday system, and MC Learns during that period. In response to this blackout period, ELITE will provide a temporary registration process for employees participating in ELITE-sponsored professional development. Additional information about this process will be available soon. Workday training materials will be accessible during blackout period on the Workday@MC training page.

Please note that access to Banner is not affected during the Workday black-out period. 

PAP is for PTF (unless it is Overload in Spring or Summer ESH for FTF).
Yes, the integration in Spring will only pull over Instructional ESH courses that are entered in SIAASGN as of the “lock” date.

All non-instructional ALT ESH needs to be manually entered, as will any late courses that were not entered in SIAASGN as of the Integration date. SIAASGN will need to be kept up-to-date and accurate at all time or faculty may be over or under paid.

As long as the activity dates and pay dates are for the correct pay periods, all should be fine. Once you click Submit, the pay activity is committed to the system, so if the course is cancelled or ESH changes, you will need to update SIAASGN as well as PAP.

You will maintain workload in SIAASGN, but FTF in Workday are on an Academic Salary and that is how they get paid.  Workday PAP is primarily for PTF. FTF Spring Overload and Summer is paid through PAP. No other PAP is entered for  FTF.

No, each course/instructional ESH or ALT ESH is a separate entry in PAP for PTF. Each PTF only needs one Job under the Chair the course in being taught under, in order to add multiple PAPs.

Only if the course on a different campus is under a different chair.

If the instructional ESH courses have not been confirmed and entered in SIAASGN, before the date we identify, they will not come over in the Initial Fall or Spring integration load and will need to be entered manually.

Only employees who have to enter “In and Out” time would need to do this (those who are shift-differential eligible).

You will select the Activity, then search for the Task of “NIST” and can choose from the list.  Enter the appropriate dates activity date, calculate the Hours and enter them, if PTF, in the Hours per week field and fill in the ESH, which based on their rank, should auto calculate the total, then confirm the pay dates.

 You will search for the Task of Voucher or Stipend once in PAP.

Procurement and Finance FAQs:

The Office of Business Services annual memo (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) contains all the information needed for the year ending June 30, 2022. 

Yes, all open Banner PO’s will be converted over to Workday (WD).

No, the suppliers W9 will only need to be uploaded once when the requestors submits a supplier request. 

Yes, once the Requestor submits a Requisition, the Cost Center Manager (CCM) will be notified that a requisition is awaiting their approval.

Yes, you can enter as many line items for either goods or services or both, as needed.

If you do not have any related backup you will still be able to submit the requisition.

Yes, direct pays, will now be called “Supplier Invoice Request” to be entered into Workday directly.

If you have a quote with multiple items you should enter each line item; there is no line item limit as it was with Banner.

Capital and Granted purchase order can be carried over from one fiscal year to the next.

Yes. You can either spend all before end of fiscal year or request the PO to be closed.

PO’s (including blanket) using operating funds will not roll over; however, if PO goods or services are received by June 30th of that FY, but associated invoice is not received until the following FY, that PO will be accrued, so that previous FY funds can be used to pay invoice.  

Purchases (operating fund) for goods or services at the end of the fiscal year, must be received by June 30th of the same FY.  If the item(s) is not received until the next fiscal year, the PO stays open; however, invoices will be paid from new FY budget.   

Capital and Granted purchase order can be carried over.

Requisitions for equipment do not automatically route to Facilities in Workday. If you need installation service from Facilities, it is Requisitions for equipment do not automatically route to Facilities in Workday. If you need installation service from Facilities, it is recommended that you submit a Facilities Service Request BEFORE you submit your requisition.

No, you don’t have to wait, but any items received after June 30th will be charged to the next FY budget. 

As soon as the buyer receives the approved requisition, the purchase order will be issued accordingly.

The PO will remain open and any items received after June 30th will be charged to the next FY budget.

Yes, all employees have the ability to enter procurement or an EAP requisition. The requisition will route to CCM and SCCM for review and approval.

If a service was performed and you received an invoice, a copy can be used as backup documentation; however all original invoices still need to be sent to Accounts Payable to process for payment.

Blanket POs should be received by items received/invoiced. If the blanket PO is $10,000 and you receive/invoiced for $2300 then that would be the amount you receive. You would not fully receive a blanket PO if you haven’t received that amount of goods.

Yes, all is considered backup documentation. All original invoices should be sent to Accounts Payable.   

No, you will still have to contact Central Receiving to pick-up and ship item back to the supplier. 

All original invoices still need to be sent to Accounts Payable. The requestor can make copies if needed. 

For goods, the maximum amount is up to $4,999 (for a single unit/item), and for services it is up to $10,000.

Blanket POs should be received by items received/invoiced. If the blanket PO is $10,000 and you receive/invoiced for $2,300 then that would be the amount you receive. You would not fully receive a blanket PO if you haven’t received that amount of goods.

Yes, you will still be able to login to Centresuite to view previous transaction(s) and/or expense reports. 

Cost Center Manager & Secondary Cost Center Manager FAQs:

The requisition and invoice processes are covered in separate trainings. Please check the Workday training page for latest training information. CCM/SCCM approval is part of the BP process.


Currently, there is no role configured to review transactions.
Business Process Administrators will monitor bottlenecks in business processes and contact relevant users.  

There are two cost centers used for capital funds projects that roll over thru multiple fiscal years: 223000 and 226000.

No, this is a one-for-all instead of cost center specific process.  In other words, the business process configured will work for all cost centers instead of specific cost centers.  

While Banner budgeted to the line level, Workday now budgets to the ledger account level. This means that in the Composite MC Budgetary Balance Detailed Report, budget will be totaled at ledger account level for all spend categories rolled up to that ledger account.  Spend categories will show on the actuals, obligations, commitments.  Because the budget is at ledger account level, it eliminates the need to move funds around between the different spend categories. 

Talent and Performance Management FAQs:

You only need to contact HRSTM if you are making a change to your social security number or your legal name.
All other changes to personal information can be made in the Workday system. 

During the blackout period of 11/27/21 – 01/02/22, employees (faculty, staff, deans, department chairs, managers, supervisors) will not be able to access Workday. Data, information, and documents uploaded into Workday will remain in the system and will be accessible when Workday is available 1/3/22. We encourage you to complete performance reviews by 11/26/21, if those reviews are due during the blackout period. If you have performance reviews due on 1/3/22, or soon after this date, please complete as much work prior to the blackout period.

Past performance reviews will not be added to the Workday system.

Supervisors will be able to access summary information such as job details, compensation, service dates, and position.

No, job descriptions will stay in the Job Wizard.

Staff: Staff will need to complete their FY 2022 self-evaluation by June 30, 2022. 

Faculty: Deans will provide faculty with a timeline. Faculty reviews are due at different times of the year depending on the contract or appointment details.

Full-time faculty terminology = reappointment date

Part-time faculty: According to contract should be the first semester and every three years according to the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement).  

Staff can begin entering their FY2022 goals on September 1, 2021.

Faculty can enter their goals at any time during their review period prior to the due date of their review.


Deans can start a full-time faculty performance review in Workday nine months before the review is due to HRSTM. For example, if the due date to HRSTM is 04/01/2022, the dean can start the review as early as 7/1/2021. 

Resources for faculty to learn how to navigate Workday, update personal information, and complete their performance review can be found on the Workday Training page.

Talent and Performance job aids for all employees, full and part-time faculty, department chairs, deans, and managers can be found on the Workday Training page.

A recording of the instructor led training for deans and department chairs can be found in MC Learns through Workday. Go to MC Learns through Workday and search “Workday”. 

The required supporting documents for inclusion into performance reviews can be found in the Workday performance review under the Supporting Document section, but are also available on the HRSTM Performance Management page

New part-time faculty (hired for Fall 2021) performance reviews are due March 1, 2022. 
New part-time faculty (hired for Spring 2022) performance reviews are due September 15, 2022. 

College Policies and Procedures 36001CP (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) , states that part-time faculty will undergo a comprehensive evaluation every three years, or prior to a request for advancement in rank (or more often, at the discretion of the department chair or Dean).

MC Learns through Workday FAQs:

Workday applications include Learning, Benefits, Personal Information with more applications coming soon.
Example of the Workday Homepage:

Workday Homepage

All employees and contractors can get started right away by logging into MyMC, navigating to the Training and Professional Development tab, and clicking on the MC Learns icon.

MC Learns Icon

 MC Learns through Workday users will experience a whole new user interface that allows you to click through different applications, a catalog of classes, and learning history.

Users will need to add registered courses/classes to their Outlook calendars by using the “Add to Calendar” feature in the Workday system.

Yes, classes registered in MC Learns that have a start date in January 2021 will be updated with previously registered participants.

No, registration closes on the day of the workshop, no matter what time the workshop begins.

Student employees will be able to view available classes but will not be able to enroll unless they are given access.

Professional Development History

All completed professional development, including required training, that was completed in MC Learns prior to December 5, 2020, will be available through the MyMC portal.

Log into MyMC, navigate to the Training and Professional Development tab, and click on the MC Learn History link. 

MC Learn History is a downloadable online report containing all courses/trainings taken at the College through the previous MC Learns system.

*All completed professional development completed on or after December 18, 2020 in Workday, will be available on the dashboard under My Transcript.  

Please make sure that you have gone through all the pages in the report. The report will show 10 courses on each page. You can browse through the pages via the page options at the bottom of the screen

Page options in professional development history
If you are still not able to find the course you are looking for, please open an IT Service Desk ticket.

You can download your professional development history in either an Excel and PDF format by clicking on the buttons in the report:

Export report buttons

Simply type the class or course you are looking for in the search box.

To access your LinkedIn Learning history, login to MyMC and access your LinkedIn Learning account as you normally would.

Note: All LinkedIn Learning courses taken through the Workday system starting December 18, 2020 and thereafter, can be found in Workday and in LinkedIn Learning.