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IT@MC is here to help

Whether you are just getting started with MC technologies or are a seasoned pro, if you have questions, we have answers!

Access our Student Technology Resource Guide (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) , choose from one of the sections below, or contact us through chat, email, or call 240-567-7222

Getting Started With MC Technologies

Your MyMC ID is the login username that you use to login to the MyMC Portal.  If you do not remember your MyMC ID, you can use the "Find Your MyMC ID" link on the MyMC login page to retrieve it.

Your M# is a 9 digit number beginning with the letter "M" followed by 8 numeric characters. The M# is also referred to as the College ID, Student ID, or MC ID. 

If you are a new student, your M# can be found on your Student Acceptance Letter. 

If you are a new employee, your M# can be found on your College employment offer letter. The M# can be found on your Montgomery College ID card located above the barcode.

Students: The format for your college email address is "MCID"

Faculty and Staff: The format for your college email address is "firstname.lastname"

Your college email password and your MyMC password are the same.

Visit the 2FA website for enrollment information, FAQs, and videos.

Cable service providers in the Montgomery County area (Comcast, RCN, and Verizon) are offering low-cost monthly internet service options to low income residents. For eligibility requirements and additional information visit Low-Cost Internet Access.

Additional Assistance

Please call 240-567-7222 for help with your password. Password resets are NOT available by Web Chat.

The public access WiFi network on all campuses is MCPA. Because the network is hidden, you will need to add it to your network list manually.
To add the MCPA public access network to your mobile device WiFi network list:
iPhone and iPad:
1. Select Settings.
2. Select WiFi.
3. Select Other.
4. Under Name, enter MCPA (all capital letters). Security is None.
5. Select Join.
1. Select Settings.
2. Select WiFi.
3. Select More.
4. Select Add Network.
5. Under Name, enter MCPA (all capital letters). Security is None.
6. Select Connect.
Windows 7:
1. Click on Start.
2. Enter “wireless”.
3. Select Manage Wireless Networks. This will open the network management screen.
4. Click Add.
5. Click Manually create a network profile.
7. For Network Name, enter MCPA (all capital letters). For Security Type, select No
Authentication. Click the box to Connect even if the network is not broadcasting.
This is necessary because MCPA is hidden.
8. Click Next.
9. Click Close.

Montgomery College is offering the power and versatility of Microsoft's Office Suite  to improve your educational experience. Visit our Student Microsoft 365 FAQ pagenew window to get started.

Setup for preferred pronouns and display name in Zoom is simple and requires a few short steps. Users will go into their profile page, enter their preferred pronouns and/or display name in the custom field text, and then choose when and how they are shared during Zoom meetings and webinars:  

Zoom pronoun instructionsnew window 
Zoom display name instructions  

Montgomery College remains committed to cultivating an inclusive culture of belonging for everyone. The use of pronouns is not required but participating helps to nurture stronger self-expression and mutual respect. 

Montgomery College is offering the power and versatility of Microsoft's Office Suite to improve your educational experience. Visit our Employee Microsoft FAQ pagenew window to get started.
 Visit the IT Training page for training information including Banner, IT Security, and Workday.
If you would like to post announcements or communications within the MyMC portal, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

The Records Retention Schedule designates the appropriate length of time to maintain official records as determined by the administrative, fiscal, and legal needs of the College. The Schedule applies to Records in all formats, including electronic records and electronic storage. For more information visit the Records Management websitenew window.

Gartner is an independent, world-renowned firm that provides IT and organizational research and insights. As employees and students at MC, you have access to some of the best technology research and subject matter experts in the world. Over the years, Gartner has been instrumental in providing guidance for many of the initiatives that the College has implemented, including cloud computing, Office 365, infrastructure modernization, information security, and many more topics. Their extensive library and subject matter experts are available to you.

To access, go the Gartner Portalnew window and enter your MyMC user ID and password.


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