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Managing Montgomery College Technology


MyMCnew window is the web portal to Montgomery College information. Any college employee can use this portal to access College policies, procedures, and forms, as well as submit payroll hours online. Faculty specifically can use MyMC to access e-mail, their teaching schedule, detailed student contact information, and their weekly course schedule.

After employees receive confirmation of their appointment to Montgomery College, they should be able to login to MyMC at any time. They can access MyMC at home or on campus by visiting the Montgomery College home page. They can also go directly to the MyMC login page.

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Posting Grades

Instructors are expected to post midterm and final grades using Banner, Montgomery College’s administrative software application. Grades are posted through MyMCnew window. For more information on the grade-posting process, please visit the FAQ: Reporting Grades web page or contact the Office of Enrollment Services.


  1. Double-click on the web browser icon and visit MyMC Home pagenew window.
  2. On the MyMC Home pagenew window in the Faculty Quick Links frame on the left, click on Enter Grades.
  3. If there is a Faculty Services tab, click on it and then click on Midterm Grades or Final Grades.
  4. Click on CRN Selection. Click on the black dropdown arrow and then click on the course desired. Press submit.
  5. Click on Final Grades. After the roster loads, scroll down. In the grade column click on the drop-down menu. Click on the grade. If a student receives an “F” (credit) or “U” (Developmental) the Last Attend Date column must be filled in with the last date of attendance (MM/DD/YYYY). Use the link at the end of this section to access the FAQ (#16) for more information on this feature. Leave the Attend Hours column blank.

This screen will time out at 125 minutes. Unless you click “Submit” prior, you will lose the grades entered.

Reminder: These rosters are confidential. Please secure the rosters until no longer needed and then shred them.

6. When finished with a roster, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the roster. After the system accepts the grades, the following message will appear above the roster: “The grade changes you made were saved successfully.”

One of the two messages may appear if an LDA was entered; ignore them. The grades and any LDA’s that were submitted have been saved. If you receive any other messages about the LDA, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services.

7. To select another class, click on CRN Selection at the bottom of the screen and then repeat the process starting at #6 above.
8. Due to privacy issues, remember to log off of your computer after submitting grades. Merely exiting the screen will not secure your rosters; click on the X logout icon located in the upper right quadrant of the MyMC screen. When using a “public” computer (e.g. department, lab, library), others using it after you may be able to access your grade sheet. Secure your roster(s) by logging out correctly.
9. To find out if grades have been rolled (to the student’s academic history), return to the roster. If an “N” appears in the Rolled column, grades may still be changed. If, however, there is a “Y” in that column, grades may not be changed.


To change a grade after the submission deadline when grades have been rolled, faculty must print a copy of the class roster, draw a line through the incorrect grade, indicate the correct grade, sign and date the roster, and then submit it to the Office of Enrollment Servicesnew window. All grade changes need to be submitted directly by a faculty member or by departmental administrative aide. Faculty should not send students to the Office of Enrollment Servicesnew window with grade changes. The Office of Enrollment Servicesnew window accepts grade changes at the Admissions and Records counter and by U.S. or campus mail. Once the Office of Enrollment Servicesnew window receives the information, the grade will be changed only on the student’s Academic History. The change(s) will not be reflected on faculty members’ class rosters.  

See FAQ: Reporting Grades web page for more information. For questions, please email or visit  the Office of Enrollment Services web page.

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Distance Education

The Office of E-Learning, Innovation and Teaching Excellence (ELITE) has administrative responsibility for the delivery of distance education courses and is committed to assisting faculty members in the use of contemporary technology applications and tools to enhance teaching and learning. ELITE supports and provides guidance to faculty who are interested in offering distance education courses. In some cases, faculty can receive equivalent semester hours (ESH) for developing courses for online delivery using Blackboard, the course management system used at Montgomery College. Faculty members using Blackboard are provided with pedagogical and technical training throughout the semester. For more information, please see the Blackboard explanation later in this section.

For more information, please visit the Distance Education web site.
Phone: 240-567-6000

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IT Technical Support


The IT campus support group provides collegewide support for all technology equipped classrooms, labs, offices, and conference rooms at the College. Part of the Office of Information Technologynew window, this group provides end-user support services for all technology in the College environment. To request technical support assistance, technology equipment or to report a technical problem, contact the IT Service Desk at 240-567-7222 or by e-mail at


Montgomery College encourages faculty members to integrate technology into lecture content and presentations. To facilitate this integration, Smart Classrooms at the three campuses and off- site locations are equipped with Smart Instructor Work Stations (SIWS). SIWS equipment includes a ceiling mounted data projector and screen, a built in computer, an additional connection for a notebook computer, a DVD player, and a document camera that projects paper documents like handouts, books, or transparencies. There are podium style SIWS in some smaller classroom spaces. Instructors in SIWS classrooms have access to the Internet and the College’s academic network. The Microsoft Suite of software applications is available on each SIWS and additional licensed educational software can be installed upon request. Faculty can request access to a Smart Classroom by talking to their department chairperson or dean. To report technical problems, contact the IT Service Desk at 240-567-7222 or by e-mail at

Most Smart Classrooms require swipe card access. Faculty members can inquire about obtaining the card through their department’s administrative office. If a swipe card is misplaced or someone is locked out of a classroom, contact Public Safetynew window:

  • Germantown:  240-567-7777
  • Rockville:  240-567-5111
  • Takoma Park/Silver Spring:  240-567-1600
  • IT Service Desk:  240-567-7222     E-mail: 


LinkedIn Learningnew window (formerly, MyMC login required) is the educational and professional development platform for Montgomery College students, faculty, and staff. This convenient learning tool provides an on-demand library of high-quality instructional videos covering a range of soft­ware, business and creative skills. Users will benefit from features like unlimited access, and courses taught by expert instructors; where users can explore courses based on an individual user's experience, LinkedIn profile and goals. Users can access LinkedIn Learning courses from any device—anytime and anywhere. 


The IT Service Desk is your central point of contact for IT help, service, and support:

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Web Options for Courses

The classroom venue is changing, morphing from a traditional site with an in-person environment, to web-based online forums, discussion boards, and web quizzes. Faculty should feel free to engage students outside of the classroom with web technology and online tools.


All credit courses automatically receive a Blackboardnew window shell for faculty use. Blackboard can be used to either supplement an on-campus course, or for complete/ blended online course delivery. Blackboard allows an instructor to post a syllabus, course materials, and web links; post grades; use course e-mail; develop online discussion boards; create and score online quizzes; and use an assignment dro-box to collect papers and assignment documents.

ELITEnew window offers a six-week course to prepare faculty to teach fully online or blended courses. For faculty using Blackboard to supplement, Blackboard Essentialsnew window is offered, and for those who desire to learn more about topics covered in the Essentials workshop, additional workshopsnew window such as Blackboard Assessments, Communication Tools, and Grade Center are also available.

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