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College Area Review

Two committee members reviewing documents

College Area Review (CAR) is a comprehensive evaluative process of all academic areas (credit and non-credit), student affairs, and administrative units. College Area Review is assigned to the Office of Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs who supports all assessment activities at the College, including the College Area Review process and the Outcomes Assessment process.   CAR operates on a six-year cycle. The most recent CAR forms and completed reports are located in the Assessment Repository in the Blackboard Community.

As part of the academic program review process, programs may be identified for a Viability Review at the request of the dean, vice president/provost, the College Area Review Committee (CARC), or the senior vice president for academic affairs. The review can occur at the end of the regular academic program review cycle or during other designated times. Triggers for program viability review include both quantitative (e.g. enrollment and awards) and qualitative (e.g. relevance of field) metrics.