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Office of Assessment


The Office of Assessment supports the College’s mission and vision by providing leadership in the area of assessment and evaluation. This will be achieved by:

  • Providing leadership, guidance, and data support for the College’s assessment of administrative areas and student learning outcomes for program and general education.
  • Coordinating a comprehensive system of program reviews for academic areas
  • Collecting, analyzing, and distributing reports and information to the College about assessment results
  • Consulting with administrative areas, disciplines, and academic programs on assessment and evaluation projects

Overview of Assessment at Montgomery College

Assessment Type Purpose Assessment Cycle
General Education Outcomes Assessment To examine student acquisition of general education competencies. Once every 3 years
Program Assessment To assess student attainment of the program’s student learning outcomes for the purpose of discovering what is working well and where improvements can be made to increase student learning. Once every 3 years
Program Review
(also referred to as College Area Review)
To examine the current alignment and relevance of a program’s curriculum and success with retaining and matriculating students Once every 5 years
Administrative Assessment To review an administrative area’s success with achieving outcomes and institutional priorities Once every 5 years