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Employee Matters

2023 Fiscal Update for MC Employees

We are pleased to share the third edition of our online Employee Matters 2023 Fiscal Update for MC Employees. The following pages highlight many of the College’s total rewards for the 2023 fiscal year. Topics include compensation updates, ESH rates, educational and professional development allowances, travel funds, required training, and more. 

For questions on the information in this year's fiscal update, please email the Office of Human Resources and Strategic Talent Managementnew window or visit HRSTM Points of Contactnew window for a detailed listing of staff.

For the most recent communications from HRSTM, please visit the HRSTM news pagenew window.


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Compensation procedure modification, degree attainment, stipend usage, and more
paper people with a sethescope
Open Enrollment, EAP, Wellness, and more
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Time Off and Leave
Last day to use leave, accrual rates, and carryover maximums


Required Training

Collegewide training classes.

Each year there are collegewide training classes or online modules that are required for all or select employees, depending on their role. Additionally, supervisors may require additional training for employees within their area to meet discipline, department, and/or unit needs and requirements.  A communication will be sent to the College community once the required trainings for FY23 are approved.

Performance Management

FY23 Performance Evaluation for Administrators, Department Chairs, Supervisors, and Staff.

HRSTM to issue annual performance evaluations in Workday: Monday, May 22, 2023

Self-evaluations due to supervisors: Friday, June 30, 2023

Supervisor evaluations due: Friday, August 18, 2023 

2022 Outstanding and Employee of the Year Award Recipients

Please join us in recognizing and celebrating the College’s exemplary employees who have received Outstanding and Employee of the year awards for 2022. Each of these individuals reflects the highest standards of excellence in their fields.

Full-time Montgomery College Professor of the Year

Professor Daniel G. Jenkins, Philosophy 

Montgomery College Staff Member of the Year

Ms. Tilandra Rhyne, Executive Associate 

Part-time Montgomery College Professor of the Year

Professor Kelley Livernoche, Biology 

Outstanding Faculty Award Recipients

Excellence in Teaching

Full-time Faculty

    • Professor Gina Wesley, Biology
    • Professor Jorge Hernandez-Fujigaki, History and Political Science
    • Professor Alejandro Leopardi
    • Professor Rachel Saidi, Mathematics
    • Professor Shayla Atkins Baxter, English and Reading

Part-time Faculty

    • Professor Comfort Davis Mingot, English and Reading
    • Professor Patricia Robinson, English and Reading

Excellence in Counseling

Full-time Faculty

    • Professor Kpakpundu Ezeze, Counseling

Full-time Faculty

  • Professor Erik E Swanson, Media Arts and Technologies
  • Professor Corinne Smith, Health Information Management
  • Professor Jarvis Slacks, English and Reading
  • Professor Kiersten Newtoff, Biology

Full-time Faculty

  • Professor Tiffany Thames Copeland, Media Arts and Technologies

Part-time Faculty

  • Professor Mark W. Burke, Biology
  • Professor Evan Crump, English and Reading

Outstanding Staff Award Recipients

  • Ms. Zainab Ali, Administrative Aide
  • Ms. Edesa Ashourian, HR Specialist II
  • Ms. Michelle Brink, Administrative Aide
  • Ms. Rosalee Law, HR Specialist I
  • Ms. Denise Matheny, Special Events Director
  • Ms. Urvashi Mistry, Administrative Aide
  • Mr. Arifur Rahman, Instructional Lab Coordinator
  • Ms. Annie Shane, Cyber Defense 
  • Mr. Joe Bilzor, Analyst-Programmer
  • Mr. Mohamed El Muwaqqat, Student Information Systems Manager
  • Ms. Thanh King, Digital Learning Specialist
  • Ms. Angie Moy, BIM Coordinator
  • Mr. Russell Peterson, Facilities Admin and Operations Manager
  • Ms. Huong Nguyen, Student Support Services

  • Ms. Jin Khademi, Learning Center Assistant Manager
  • Ms. Jennifer Knowlton, Lab Manager
  • Ms. Metta Lash, Librarian
  • Ms. Amanda Stroud, Library Access Services Specialist I
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Employee Connections

HRSTM established the Employee Connections Group program to facilitate opportunities for employees to come together as a community to enrich personal experiences and build community. It also provides leadership opportunities for those who wish to participate, initiate, or lead a group. Groups get together via Zoom meetings. Come meet and interact with employees from across the College.  During FY21, more than 25 webinars were hosted and attended by over 130 participants. Five groups were established throughout the year. We hope to continue enhancing the program and its offerings in FY22. Please feel free to share ideas for new Employee Connections groups with the HRSTM Help Desk

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Your Voice, Your MC

Modern Think hosted this year’s web-based survey as one comprehensive, holistic survey to include Employee Engagement, Equity and Inclusion, and Ethics. The response rate to the survey was 52% with 1,407 respondents. Modern Think reviewed the data and provided survey results to the College community. To view survey findings, visit Your Voice, Your MC: Employee Experience Culture Surveynew window. The work has begun to look closely at the data and will continue into the fall semester. Open sessions/forums will be scheduled in October 2021 for employees to provide feedback on proposed recommendations, which will be submitted to the President in December 2021.