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Disclose a Conflict of Interest

It’s common for staff and faculty members to have non-College interests, affiliations, and relationships. This adds to the expertise and value we bring to our service at the College. It’s also common for employees to have family members working or studying at MC. This is a positive aspect of our campus community.

However, these positive interactions can at times create the occasion for real or perceived conflicts of interest, which may damage the individual and/or the institution. A conflict of interest is any situation where an employee’s personal interests could interfere or appear to interfere with their judgment in carrying out their College responsibilities. More details about what constitutes a conflict can be found in Policy and Procedure 31003 – Conflict of Interest (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .

To prevent our interests, affiliations, and relationships from having a negative impact on the College, we simply need to disclose them so the College can evaluate and—where a conflict is indeed present—manage the circumstances giving rise to it. We encourage all employees to disclose possible conflicts of interest as soon as they arise, filling out the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

As you consider whether to disclose a particular circumstance by submitting this form, remember that disclosing non-College interests and affiliations does not necessarily mean that a conflict of interest exists. Nor does it in any way suggest inappropriate activity by the individual making the disclosure. Rather, the purpose of the disclosure is to promote transparency, to allow the College to evaluate objectively interests and affiliations, and to provide guidance where necessary so that even the appearance of a conflict can be avoided. Most conflicts can be managed.

Please be complete in filling out the form, even if you have disclosed the relationship or scenario previously. If you’re unsure about a scenario, err on the side of caution by disclosing it. 

If you have any questions, you may want to review Policy and Procedure 31003, or contact the Office of Compliance, Risk, and Ethics at

Thank you for upholding a culture of ethics and integrity at Montgomery College.