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Reporting Concerns

Employees are encouraged to talk with their management regarding their concerns. Employees also have the option to share concerns of any nature to a confidential reporting line. Montgomery College uses the Ethics Point reporting line, which is a confidential and anonymous third-party reporting line.

All employees are expected to report violations of the Code of Ethics and Employee Standards of Conduct. Reporting violations is an important aspect of upholding the Code of Ethics. Prompt reporting of misconduct allows the College to act quickly to address potential issues.

Even if you are not certain that misconduct has occurred, please report the concern without delay. The appropriate office will look into the matter and determine whether misconduct did in fact occur. For more information regarding your options for reporting, please consult the Roadmap for Employees to Address Issues.

The enforcement of the Code of Ethics and Employee Standards of Conduct is achieved through the existing policies and procedures that govern the operations of the College. Violations of the Code of Ethics and Employee Standards of Conduct will be disciplined as specified in the associated policy and procedure.

What protections exist for making a report?

The College is committed to protecting individuals from interference with reporting wrongdoing and from retaliation for making a report in good faith. No individual who in good faith reports a suspected violation shall thereby suffer harassment, retaliation, or adverse employment, academic, or educational consequence. For more information, please consult Montgomery College’s Policy 61008–Reporting Suspected Acts of Wrongdoing.