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We are committed to the delivery of excellent customer service.

HRSTM will deliver service in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner as defined by the Central Services Creed.   The Central Services Creed states: 


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Our Pledge

Promote a welcoming, supportive environment that empowers students and colleagues through superior service, outreach, and support.

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Service:  We pledge to maintain a professional and courteous attitude at all times.  Deliver seamless service across departments and campuses.  Know our duties and our unit’s services.  Be responsive to all requests.  Provide accurate information.  Follow up and follow through.  Take pride in the service we provide.  Exceed expectations.
Outreach:   We pledge to exemplify Montgomery College’s mission, vision, and core values.  Demonstrate service leadership.  Get involved, get to know others, and cultivate relationships with colleagues.  Develop collaborative solutions.  Embrace our diversity and treat others with respect.  Inspire, recognize, and celebrate service excellence collegewide.  Make a positive difference.
Support: We pledge to take the initiative to resolve issues.  Take ownership of challenges.  Foster creativity and innovation.  Be flexible and willing to help others.  Develop our talents and empower others to do so.  Encourage decision making at all levels.  Be mindful of the College calendar when scheduling deadlines and events.  Be team players and have fun.

The HRSTM team will steadfastly maintain confidentiality, promote clear communication channels, and seek professional development opportunities to leverage our knowledge and expertise across all functional areas. In modeling service excellence, we pledge to respond to our customers within two business days.