Organizational Development
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We are here to help your unit build skills to work more effectively.

Organizational Development helps departments to:

  • Plan and implement change
  • Improve leadership methods, management techniques, and problem-solving skills
  • Promote understanding of the processes and systems in which people work.

 We offer:

Strategic Planning

This process includes an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to identify the current need of the department.  We'll help you identify goals, aligned with the College's strategic plan, and develop strategies to attain those goals.

Change Management

Employees who are comfortable with change are more likely to make positive contributions in a fluid work environment.  HR internal consultants work with departments to foster an understanding of both organizational and personal change through assistance with departmental planning, educational seminars and training, facilitation of group sessions, and targeted communications.

Team Development

To improve team cohesiveness in departments and other work groups, HR internal consultants can facilitate team development activities such as team-building retreats and workshops. We support teams in understanding their differences and how those differences affect communication, work relationships, and deliverables.

Administrative Operations & Organizational Structure

HR internal consultants can assist College departments with planning and implementing studies of their administrative operations, as well as analyzing their organizational structure. These studies are a close collaboration between HR and the department and are designed to increase organizational health and effectiveness.


HR internal consultants provide one-on-one mentorship and coaching to supervisors, managers, team leaders, facilitators, and teams. This individualized skill development enhances effectiveness by developing communications, team, and leadership skills.

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