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Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a position at Montgomery College, this page offers answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How can I apply for an open position at the College?
All applicants are required to apply for open positions using our online application systemnew window.

I'm not sure for which position I’m qualified. Can I send you a resume so that you can match me with an opening?

Due to the volume of resumes we receive from applicants interested in a career at Montgomery College, we are unable to provide a resume-matching service. However, we provide information about the openings so that you may readily match your qualifications and interests with the positions available.

How often are the career listings updated?

We update the MC Careers site continuously as we receive openings.

To whom should I address my cover letter?

If no contact person is listed on the posting, please address your cover letter to the Search Committee (we do not give out the names of the hiring manager or search committee members).

Should I submit a separate cover letter and resume or application if I am applying for more than one position?

Yes, each position needs a separate application. Please include the appropriate position title and number in each copy of your cover letter or application. Resumes and cover letters are not required but encouraged.

How long are positions open? What is the closing date for the position in which I am interested?

Unless otherwise noted, positions are open until the fill date that is listed on each vacancy. In some cases, a department may decide to re-open a search, so keep checking our listings.

When will I be called for an interview?

After reviewing the resumes submitted, if a department believes there is a match, they will contact you directly to arrange for an interview. 

How will I know you have received my resume?

When using our online application system, a confirmation will appear once you've submitted your application.