Short-Term Disability Details

Essential Information

  • You must apply for short term disability leave by filling out the application  (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader)  form from MetLife, our disability claims management company.
  • You must use all your accrued sick leave before disability pay begins.
    Staff Member - You may request up to 96 hours of advanced sick leave from your supervisor if you are eligible prior to being placed on STD.
  • Faculty Member – You must request 80 hours of advanced sick leave from your supervisor prior to being placed on STD.
  • If approved, short term disability (STD) will pay a percentage of your pay depending on years of service.
    You may stay on short term disability for a maximum of 365 days (one year), beginning on the last day you were physically at work.
  • If you return to work after a period of STD you will be required to provide the HRSTM designee with a Certification of Fitness for Duty  (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader)  - a written release from your physician releasing you to return to full duty.
  • While you are out of work on STD you must cooperate with MetLife to provide updated documentation to enable them to approve your disability status.  You must also cooperate with the HRSTM designee as needed to facilitate ongoing management of your disability claim.
If You Will Not Be Returning to Work After 365 Days
  • If you have elected Long Term Disability (LTD) as a benefit, you must begin the application process three months prior to the one year date.  Failure to do so could result in a delay in receiving LTD benefits.
  • If you are in the Maryland State Pension plan, you must apply for disability retirement three months prior to the one year date. Failure to submit the forms to the Maryland State Retirement Agency in a timely manner could result in making you ineligible to participate in the College group insurance program as a retiree. If you have been on STD for six months and think you might be out of work for a longer period of time please contact Suzanne Redding at (240)-567-5354 to discuss your options.
  • If you are in the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and have been away from work for six months, please contact Suzanne Redding, Interim Benefits Manager to discuss the retirement process. She can be reached at (240) -567-5354.
  • If you have been on short term disability (STD) for 365 days to continue disability benefits, you must apply for long term disability benefits, if applicable.
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