Working With Volunteers

A “college volunteer” is an uncompensated individual who offers his/her services to the college and who is authorized by the college to perform specified services for the benefit of the college.

An individual wishing to volunteer at Montgomery College must provide the documentation listed below to Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management Office (HRSTM) prior to the start date of the volunteer assignment:

  1. All volunteers must register with HRSTM and complete a “General Volunteer Registration Form”.
  2. If the volunteer assignment includes driving a college vehicle, the volunteer must complete a“Request for Driver Approval Form” and submit it to HRSTM for approval.
  3. Completion of a background check is a condition of volunteering at Montgomery College.  Depending on the nature of the volunteer assignment a fingerprint check might be required.
  4. Montgomery College Nursing Volunteers must complete the “Nursing Volunteer Agreements and Waiver Form” in addition to the “General Volunteer Registration Form”.
  5. If the volunteer is under the age of 18, he/she must have a work permit.
  6. A college volunteer may not volunteer for a period longer than one year. The college volunteer may renew the volunteer period for another year by following the same procedures as when he/she first became a volunteer.
  7. College volunteers are subject to and must abide by all applicable college policies, procedures and rules.

All volunteers must complete the following forms:

  • Background Check Release Form
  • LiveScan Fingerprint Request Form (if working with minors)
  • Volunteer Registration Form
  • Request for Driver Approval Form (if driving is part of the assignment).

Once all eligibility requirements are satisfied, all forms are completed and approved by HRSTM, and the criminal background check has been satisfactorily completed, the volunteer can begin the tasks to be performed.

It is the responsibility of the supervising manager to contact HRSTM when the volunteer’s service ends.
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Questions: Ms. Rowena D’Souza, HRSTM (PH: 240-567-5370/FX: 240-567-5300) Email:

Forms should be returned to:
Ms. Rowena M. D’Souza
Montgomery College
Office of Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management
9221 Corporate Blvd.
Rockville, MD 20850

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