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Personal Leave

Personal leave with pay is granted on a noncumulative basis to a maximum of 24 hours (3 days) per calendar year for full-time staff and administrative employees and on a prorated basis for part-time staff and administrative employees. It is to be used for personal obligations such as those listed below, or for other important personal unplanned crises or emergencies involving family members or personal property. Personal leave is advanced at the beginning of the each calendar year. Personal leave is a resource at your disposal if you should need it. If you do not use it, it is still there on an annual basis.

The following are guidelines to assist employees in determining what situations are appropriate for use of personal leave. However, while personal leave must be requested from and approved by the immediate supervisor, employees are on the honor system and do not need to provide their supervisors with a reason for requesting the leave.

Personal Leave may be used for purposes such as the following:

  • Religious observance
  • Appointment with a lawyer
  • Court appearance, if not covered under Civil Leave policy
  • Settlement/purchase, walk-through on a house
  • School registration or conference for children
  • Graduation
  • Bereavement for other than family members

Personal Leave should not be used for the following:

  • Recreational activities
  • Voting (the polls are open a sufficient number of hours to allow employees to vote during non-duty hours)
  • Servicing car if not an emergency
  • Volunteer work
  • Shopping
  • Out-of-town family requests
  • Research
  • Family illness (covered under sick leave)
  • Political activities
  • Weather conditions