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Employee Recognition Awards

Service and Recognition Awards are an opportunity to appreciate Montgomery College employees who have demonstrated extraordinary initiative in performing a specific task, service to others, or in providing outstanding service over a sustained period of time. These recognition awards, contingent on available funding and approved by the Board of Trustees annually, reflect College’s gratitude for the exemplary efforts demonstrated by our dedicated employees.

Faculty Awards
For faculty, awards are given to both part-time and full-time faculty.  Detailed information about faculty awards is available on the Faculty Awards web pages.
Staff Awards
The College presents awards for staff, primarily through the Office of Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management.
Length of Service and Retiree Recognition
Please help us honor our amazing employees who celebrated milestone anniversariesnew window and employees who have retirednew window in recent years. 

2022 Award Recipients

Full-time Professor of the Year

Employee of the Year Professor Daniel G Jenkins, Philosophy
Professor Daniel G. Jenkins, Philosophy

Staff Member of the Year

Employee Staff of the Year, Tilandra Rhyne, Executive Associate
Ms. Tilandra Rhyne, Executive Associate

Part-time Professor of the Year

Employee of the Year Part-Time Professor Kelley Livernoche, Biology
Professor Kelley Livernoche, Biology
Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Outstanding Staff Awards are awarded based on four (4) categories: Excellence in Performance, Excellence in Innovation, Excellence in Customer Service and Excellence in Serving Students.

Excellence in Performance

  • Ms. Zainab Ali, Administrative Aide
  • Ms. Edesa Ashourian, HR Specialist II
  • Ms. Michelle Brink, Administrative Aide
  • Ms. Rosalee Law, HR Specialist I
  • Ms. Denise Matheny, Special Events Director
  • Ms. Urvashi Mistry, Administrative Aide
  • Mr. Arifur Rahman, Instructional Lab Coordinator
  • Ms. Annie Shane, Cyber Defense Analyst I

Excellence in Innovation

  • Mr. Joe Bilzor, Analyst-Programmer
  • Mr. Mohamed El Muwaqqat, Student Information Systems Manager
  • Ms. Thanh King, Digital Learning Specialist
  • Ms. Angie Moy, BIM Coordinator
  • Mr. Russell Peterson, Facilities Administrative and Operations Manager 

Excellence in Serving Students

  • Ms. Huong Nguyen, Student Support Services

Excellence in Customer Service

  • Ms. Jin Khademi, Learning Center Assistant Manager
  • Ms. Jennifer Knowlton, Lab Manager
  • Ms. Metta Lash, Librarian
  • Ms. Amanda Stroud, Library Access Services Specialist I
  • Ms. Farah Vivas, HR Specialist I
Outstanding Faculty Award Recipients

Outstanding Faculty Awards provide the College community with an opportunity to more thoroughly recognize excellence in a variety of positions at the College and add a special dimension to the awards the College already provide.

Excellence in Teaching  

  • Professor Gina Wesley, Biology
  • Professor Jorge Hernandez-Fujigaki, History and Political Science
  • Professor Alejandro Leopardi, English and Reading
  • Professor Rachel Saidi, Mathematics
  • Professor Shayla Atkins Baxter, English and Reading

Excellence in Teaching Part-Time Faculty

  • Professor Comfort Davis Mingot, English and Reading
  • Professor Patricia Robinson, English and Reading

Excellence in Counseling  

  • Professor Kpakpundu Ezeze, Counseling

Excellence in Service to the Institution and Community 

  • Professor Erik E. Swanson, Media Arts and Technologies
  • Professor Corinne Smith, Health Information Management
  • Professor Jarvis Slacks, English and Reading
  • Professor Kiersten Newtoff, Biology

Excellence in Scholarly or Professional Accomplishment 

  • Professor Tiffany Thames Copeland, Media Arts and Technologies

Excellence in Scholarly or Professional Accomplishments Part-Time Faculty

  • Professor Mark W. Burke, Biology
  • Professor Evan Crump, English and Reading