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Employee Recognition Awards

Service and Recognition Awards are an opportunity to appreciate Montgomery College employees who have demonstrated extraordinary initiative in performing a specific task, providing service to others, or providing outstanding service over a sustained period of time. These recognition awards, contingent on available funding and approved by the Board of Trustees annually, reflect the College’s gratitude for the exemplary efforts demonstrated by our dedicated employees.

For detailed information on our awards policy and procedure, please refer to the Recognition Awards - P&P 38001 (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .

Administrator Leadership Awards

Administrator Leadership Awardsnew window recognizes and celebrates the excellence of our administrators in their leadership of a collegewide initiative, innovation, and serving students.

Faculty Awards

Faculty Awards new windowrecognizes and celebrates the excellence of our full and part-time faculty in their teaching, counseling and advising, scholarly and professional accomplishments, and service to the College or community.

Staff Awards

Staff Awards new windowrecognizes and celebrates the excellence of our staff in their performance, customer service, innovation, and serving students

Length of Service and Retiree Recognition

Please help us honor our dedicated employees who have celebrated milestone anniversaries new windowand those who have recently embarked on their well-deserved retirementnew window.

2023 Award Recipients

Full-time Professor of the Year
Photo of full-time professor of the year Ms. Ellen Olmstead and Dr. Williams

Ms. Ellen Olmstead, English and Reading

Staff Member of the Year
Photo of Staff Member of the Year Dr. Christine Crefton and Dr. Williams

Dr. Christine Crefton, Project and Planning Analyst

Part-time Professor of the Year
Photo of Part-time Professor of the Year Ms. Natalya Bah and Dr. Williams

Ms. Natalya Bah, WDCE Faculty
Outstanding Faculty Award Recipients

Outstanding Faculty Awards provide the College community with an opportunity to more thoroughly recognize excellence in a variety of positions at the College and add a special dimension to the awards the College already provides. 

Excellence in Teaching

  • Professor Ronald Beverly, Technical Center
  • Dr. Zhou Dong, Mathematics
  • Dr. Constance Farley, English and Reading
  • Professor Jennifer Haydel, Humanities
  • Professor Amanda Miller, Humanities and Social Science
  • Professor Ginger Robinson, Social Science
  • Dr. Hollis Williams, Engineering/Computer Science

Excellence in Teaching Part-time Faculty

  • Professor Mary Diener, Media Arts and Technologies
  • Professor Wanjin Kim, Art
  • Professor Deborah Stuart, English and Reading
  • Professor Rania Suliman, Humanities

Excellence in Counseling

  • Ms. Amanda Darr, Counseling
  • Ms. Zenobia Garrison, Counseling
  • Ms. Natalie Martinez, Counseling

Excellence in Service to the Institution and Community

  • Dr. Michael Chase, Biology and Chemistry
  • Professor Brandon Wallace, Social Science 

Excellence in Scholarly or Professional Accomplishment 

  • Dr. Lee Annis, Humanities

Excellence in Scholarly or Professional Accomplishments Part-time Faculty

  • Dr. Bridget De la Carrera, Biology and Chemistry
  • Professor Georges Haddad, Biology and Chemistry
Outstanding Staff Award Recipients

Outstanding Staff Awards are awarded based on four (4) categories: Excellence in Performance, Excellence in Innovation, Excellence in Customer Service, and Excellence in Serving Students.

Excellence in Performance

  • Ms. Jennifer Hatleberg, Library
  • Mr. John Hoover, Media Arts and Technologies
  • Ms. Betsy Leonard, Planning Support Specialist
  • Ms. Christina Roskovich, Administrative Aide II
  • Ms. Jennifer Sengbucsh, Instructional Lab Coordinator 
  • Mr. Maxim Suvorov, Biology, Biotechnology, and Chemistry Lab Manager
  • Mr. David Taylor, Network Engineer
  • Ms. Katie Torkashvan, Administrative Aide II

Excellence in Innovation

  • Ms. Veronica Banh, Project and Planning Analyst II
  • Ms. Jennifer Baugh, Creative Projects Manager
  • Ms. Helen Dong, Financial Systems Manager

Excellence in Serving Students

  • Mr. Dwayne Henry, Biology and Chemistry Lab Manager
  • Ms. Surayya Johnson, Student Life Manger
  • Ms. Kimberly Jones, Student Life Manager
  • Ms. Patricia Lopez, Scholarship and Grants Director
  • Ms. Julie Rogers, Coordinator of Interpreting Service
  • Mr. Sergio Washington, Student Affairs Initiative Program Manager

Excellence in Customer Service

  • Mr. Tim Neill, Cyber Defense Analyst II
  • Ms. Kaylin Nguyen, Executive Associate I 
  • Mr. Dan Rankin, Producer, Director, and Videographer